Ryan Van Belleghem is a Canadian singer songwriter, born in the mosquito-infested forests of Northwestern Ontario. Many times a year, he emerges from the jack pines, and ventures back to shore from his kayaking trips on Lake of the Woods in his hometown Kenora, Ontario. He then makes his way to the central prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an architecture student, sculptor, ex-football player, pinterester, and wannabe graphic designer, Ryan’s life has been and continues to be full of adventures that have crafted his musical career and style. 

Ryan’s music has been inspired by such artists as Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Eric Church, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ben Harper, and The Tragically Hip. He has also worked with a number of inspiring artists such as Jason Collett, Dustin Bentall, Ian Tamblyn, and Jeremy Fisher, who have helped craft his quirky-funk-folk-pop Canadian style. 

Ryan plans to continue his musical career, continuously widening his style. It seems every week he has dipped in to a new artist, style and genre of music that allows him to expand, craft, and finely tune his style. After releasing his first album in 2010 entitled “Another Man”, Ryan released a second album with CBG studios in Winnipeg entitled “For A Home”, reflecting on his contrasting life between the lake, the woods, and the city, which is apparent in such songs as “For A Home” and “One Hell Of A Year”. The album has reached a number of radio stations across Canada and continues to attain frequent radio play. Ryan has since written a number of new songs that he plans to record in the new future. One of these new songs, entitled “Manitoba Winds”, has been featured on Breakfast Television in Winnipeg and can be found on his home page of his website.  

Ryan’s style has allowed him to emerge as an up and coming musician with a soulful voice and a lyrical complexity as immense and intricate as his last name, that reaches the heart, mind and soul.

" Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
Forest Gump 1994.